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Born and raised in Washington state, I moved to southern California to attend film school at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Throughout my time at university, I gathered an incredible amount of experience in the film industry through internships, on-set film production, development workshops, freelance videography, and  rigorous courses. I graduated with a B.F.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary in May of 2024.


This year I directed two documentary short films, 22 and The Deer Divide. Each film provided me with exceptional experience in all aspects of unscripted filmmaking. Both films are beginning their festival run this year.

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As a nonfiction/documentary intern at The Kennedy Marshall Company, it was my job to operate documentary production tasks. This involved conducting research, documentary development, gathering archival materials such as photos, video, and graphics, and proofreading. Kennedy Marshall is a passionate studio that engaged me to learn the fundamentals of documentary production. During my time at the KM Company, I executed a number of activities for the final stages of post-production for National Geographic's documentary film The Space Race. Watch the trailer here, and  stream The Space Race on Disney+.



At Delirio Films, I orchestrated a wide variety of tasks in the office, such as assisting with editing, script coverage, documentary development, and everything in between. I work with a team of hardworking employees and interns to complete tasks to the highest industry standard. During my time at Delirio Films, I had the incredible opportunity to work on the documentary film, Will and Harper, a film about two friends Will Ferrell and Harper Steele as they roadtrip across the country and explore Harper's recent transition to a woman. Will and Harper premiered at Sundance Film Festival in January 2023 and will be streaming on Netflix soon.

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